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About Us

Rocking JC Services - Owner, Jedd Cowan


Rocking JC Services was formed to provide North Texas customers with a solution for their land management needs. We specialize in land clearing, dirt work, haul away services, and much more. Our crew has the skill and know-how to do everything from constructing driveways, pads, and everything in between. Give us a call if you have any questions regarding your project. We provide free site visits within our routine service area to guarantee we bid your project adequately. We treat every property like it is were our own!






Do you have a building site, a house site, or a segment you need to have cleared? Rocking JC Services has the equipment and know-how to get it accomplished correctly. We are operating with our own machinery, and our team of experts warrants a smooth experience.

There are numerous motivations for hiring a land management contractor to conduct brush removal, tree clearing, and dirt work services. Those reasons involve delivering a way for construction projects, residential maintenance, and so much more. It could also be an emergency response circumstance where damage has left a residential or commercial area hazardous with risk to structures, humans, pets, and wildlife.

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