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Land Clearing, Dirt Work, Haul Off, Driveways, and Material Hauling in Parker County, Texas.

Rocking JC Services is here to assist all of your land management needs!

We are a dependable land management company servicing Parker County, Texas, and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in handling all jobs with diligence and professionalism. Our crew will get the job completed on time and budget. No matter if you have a little brush removal job or a substantial project, we have the equipment and team to handle the work. We deliver an unmatched level of diligence in our projects, going the extra mile, so all of our clients are satisfied with the result.


We service all of Parker County, Texas!


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Land Clearing

Land clearing is the removal of trees and thick brush. Land clearing services will open up the land while maintaining a specific level of foliage.


Not only do you require the removal of vegetation prior to a foundation being poured, but lot clearing is an essential first measure to warrant the rest of your construction project operates as intended. You can rely on us to: 

  • Reduce erosion, including damage to your landscape.

  • Save your money and time versus renting equipment and attempting the work yourself.

  • Follow all state and local guidelines dictating land clearing.


We'll evaluate your land situation to determine if controlled burning or haul-off will be the best action course. Please speak with us today to get started.

Dirt Work

Honest and dependable. Rocking JC Services will get the project performed precisely and on budget. We thoroughly remove all of the debris from the worksite and leave your property in excellent condition. If you need site work and other dirt moving services, we've got you covered. From residential to commercial, no job is too big or small. Get in touch today for a FREE estimate.

  • Pads

  • Drainage

  • Landscape

  • Final Grades

  • Post Holes

Haul Off

Rocking JC Services implements an economical, reliable, and eco-friendly construction waste haul-off service. Worry less about the pickup or disposal of job site debris and focus more on your project's execution. Whether you require our assistance on numerous occasions during a construction project or thoroughly once after it is concluded, our haul away experts will assure that the building debris is completely removed from the site.


Cement or asphalt drives can be costly to install and repair. If you're looking for a simpler alternative that can endure for years, hire Rocking JC Services for all of your gravel driveway installation or repairs. Our crew will arrive on-time and have your new driveway equipped for vehicles in a matter of hours.

It is crucial to have the dirt fixed correctly below before the rock is applied.

When the subgrade is too moist, the amount of rock placed no longer matters as the road will still not hold up properly. It is most beneficial to eliminate the soggy material and back-fill with a good clay base or use fly-ash/lime to harden the soil in a circumstance like this.

If the water flows over your drive, a pipe culvert will need to be installed so water can flow beneath the surface.

Material Hauling

Rocking JC Services wants to make the method of providing cost-effective material hauling services less of a nuisance, furnishing you with the most reliable customer service and consideration to detail in every project. Our team extends our services to all kinds of commercial and residential clients. We think it’s essential for our customers to know what value they will genuinely receive from having us render material hauling services.

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